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Meet Katie

Flex 15 Women’s Fitness Member

Before I started working out [at Flex 15], my activities consisted of running, playing soccer every so often and maybe doing a few sit-ups when I was feeling really ambitious. It’s defeating but after playing soccer at a collegiate level for 4 years, you just hit a point post-college where you come to the realization that you will never be able to reach that level of fitness again…so I settled. Then, a few of my friends talked me into joining for the awesome introductory offer. After day 1 of getting my butt kicked I realized I was nowhere close to where I physically wanted to be, but I knew this group of ladies and these trainers were just the people to get me there. Suddenly, it felt like pre-season again! Since joining I’ve gained strength in every aspect of my body and nothing else in Richmond can compare to these workouts. Even after two knee surgeries in college, I feel stronger, more comfortable, more confident and beyond happy in my own skin. [Flex 15] has and will continue to kick my butt and I love every second of it. Cheers to many more box jumps, and maybe a few less burpees!

Meet Courtney

Flex 15 Women’s Fitness Member

[Flex 15] has been such a breath of fresh air. I was previously a member of another, bigger gym and had a lot of trouble staying motivated. I felt lost in the classes and never felt pushed. I decided to give Styles a shot and am so glad I did! I’ve never been overly concerned about my weight in number form, but always felt flabby. I wanted to get toned and feel stronger. [Flex 15’s] classes have kicked my butt into shape. I’ve had knee issues my entire life and the instructors are happy to give me alternatives to ensure I don’t get injured. The variety of the classes make the hour fly by – we go from flipping tires to throwing medicine balls to burpees to clean presses all in 60 minutes! And every single class is different so it’s always fun to find out what the work out of the day will be! Since I started in July, I’ve lost about 10 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. The classes are small and so supportive. It’s so fun to work out with a bunch of women who have similar goals. I’ve never felt judged or criticized and walk away from each class feeling stronger and stronger (despite wanting to collapse on the floor sometimes… in a good way!) I initially signed up to get into shape for my upcoming wedding but have already told my fiancé that I plan to continue on after the wedding. I’m excited to see what progress I make in the next 3 months!

Meet Aubrey

Flex 15 Women’s Fitness Member

I used to play field hockey, basketball, lacrosse in High School and club teams in college. Now, I have spent the last several years building my career, growing a family, and establishing roots here in Richmond. I chose [Flex 15] over all other studios because of the variety of every session. Each workout is different and even the exercises are totally innovative, but still functional. As a former athlete, I am competitive by nature and I love that when I am in the studio it is me against myself. Admittedly, I like to challenge the other women in my class, and likewise them in return, but because of this community it never feels like we are in competition with each other. Everyone is extremely supportive – no rivalries at [Flex 15]! After 5 years as a member, it is certainly the community of women and the variety of workouts that keep me coming back for more. The workouts are kick-ass and it’s awesome to accomplish them side by side with other kick-ass women.


I used to play volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school. It is hard to transition from being a former athlete to sitting at a desk all day. I love the [Flex 15] workouts because they bring out the former athlete in me. Every day is different so I never get bored. The workouts also bring out my competitive side that allows me to push myself to get faster and stronger.


Flex 15 Women’s Fitness Member

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