I gotta be honest with you, I’m totally late to the game on Acai Bowls or Smoothie Bowls. I started seeing them popping up around town at the local health food stores and juice bars. At first they just did not appeal to me, a smoothie in a bowl that you eat with a spoon instead of a straw??  No big deal I’ll just stick with a classic smoothie with a straw I can take on the go!

Well they have really been gaining in popularity lately, I see them all over instagram and local restaurants. So much so that they have even popped up at Costco of all places! So while I was there shopping the other day, starving and trying to avoid those free samples or joining my daughter in a slice of pizza that I knew I would regret later. Lo and behold I saw that they had Acai Bowls! Topped with granola fresh blueberries and strawberries it blew me away! Easy, healthy, cold, creamy and delicious.

So now I have been making them at home almost every morning! Added bonus is that two of my non smoothie drinking kids now love them! Even though it’s almost the same ingredients in a smoothie except for the toppings. Subconsciously I get that though, you see the act of eating them with a spoon makes them seem more like a meal as opposed to a drinkable smoothie, your mind will process it just as a drink and may cause you to consume more food. The saying “Don’t Drink Your Calories” comes to mind here.

Smoothie Break Down

Essentially a smoothie bowl is a thicker smoothie base more like frozen yogurt, topped with fruits, nuts, healthy granolas or maybe a little chocolate drizzle. The sky’s the limit on flavor combos and toppings. If you are tracking macros or calorie intake just keep it simple and small quantities. Here is a build your own smoothie chart I made!

Your Local Smoothie Bowl Joint

If you’re more interested in trying out a smoothie bowl in town here are a few great local spots to check out! The Pit & Peel, Ginger Juice, The North End Juice Co., Saadia’s Juice Box, Roxberry Juice Bar, The Daily, and coming soon The Juice Laundry! Phew, I told you there were alot!!