Womens fitness gym membership richmond va

It’s important to sign up online with our schedule. We require that you sign up to register beforehand for the classes so that they will stay semi-private. This way the coach can provide valuable form and workout advice for everyone there.

If the class is full, join the waitlist! But be ready to attend the class, because in most situations the top 2-3 people from the waitlist are able to join the class.

We keep the sessions semi-private so that you’re able to receive feedback on form during your workout and still keep it personal. With Flex 15, you won’t be packed into a workout with 20 others and ruin your body without the trainer ever seeing you!

Our month to month memberships are able to be ended at any point online through your mindbody account.

Contracts are honored unless an injury or pregnancy occurs.

After registering an account and purchasing a membership, you will need to browse the schedule and book a class there.

Yes! Every Saturday we have a bring a friend class at 7:00 AM. On other days, they will need to register for a pass – but if you refer them – we will give you a week for free.

14 days from the class you will be able to register for it. Previously, we were having some issues with people locking up the whole schedule a month out, but then not showing up. So we reworked it to 14 days, and when the feature is available – we’ll make it so members can register before class passes and drop-ins.

It’s important to be prepared by bringing:

  • Water bottle – Although we have water, a reusable bottle is a great way to keep hydrated from station to station.
  • Clothing – Be sure to wear clothing that you are ready to use for anything from boxing to spin.
  • Mental attitude – Make the most of your time and mentally prepare yourself to make the most of your time during your session.

Your session for Flex and Medium Group Training Classes will begin right at the sessions start time listed. This includes the time you need to warm up and cool down with your trainer. If there is anything that you need to do before your session starts, be sure to arrive early to prep your water bottle or change clothes.

Medium Group Training classes are 8 person classes that runs for 55 minutes. The workout gives you 5 minutes of warm up and cool down time before and after an intense HIIT workout.

Flex classes are a new class format we are testing. With Flex classes, you will be able to enter a wave every 15 minutes and workout in 15-minute increments for a total of 3 increments. You’ll still have a 45-minute workout, but if for some reason you’re busy that day and can only workout for 15 or 30 minutes, you can now workout! This means you will have more options to start your workout, more time to cool down after class, and more 1 on 1 time with a trainer, and ever 15 minutes a new wave of fresh energetic ladies will help you push through!

No, currently we only have a bathroom but in the future, we would like to have an improved facility that includes this.

We have a survey that is vital for helping us improve our studio. Its completely anonymous and helps us create the studio you deserve!

Since we have small classes, it’s important that you show up because it means someone else could’ve been working out in your place! Our policy is a $10 no show charge, so be sure to reschedule your class at least 2 hours before it begins.